Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ladies Danced: by Allen Jeter

The Ladies Danced

The Maiden and The Crone,

Danced side by side.

No judge would take the contest,

Nope, no one would decide.

The Maiden begged the dame, "Will you concede?",

The Crone danced on and on, dancing on every seed.

The Maiden became cross and she planted more and more,

Thier dancing was a dance, that no one would ignore.

The earth turned white, once more to behold,

The Crone stood firm, once again there was bitter cold.

The Maid stared gently at her old and aged foe,

And with a sly smile, she stepped to dancing on the tip of her toe.

She danced all night weaving this and raising that,

The cold and the warmth doing battle upon the mat.

Finally winded, the Crone did shout "I concede!",

And with that the Maiden planted her very last seed.

Both fell winded upon the old dance floor,

Both hugged each others neck and giggled, before hearing the score.

The score said proudly that the Crone had done her best,

But the Maiden with all her dancing, had won the dance contest.

The Crone said tired and winded, "I'm gong to bed!",

The Maiden stood tall and smiled and crooked her little head.

"Spring has arrived!" She announced to one and to all,

The crowd cheered wildly, heeding the Maidens call.

Moral of the Story: Dont underestimate the Crone, she may be old but there is alot of spunk left in the old gal yet...

By: Allen Jeter 03/21/2010 5:35 am Spring Equinox

(it snowed here, on Spring Equinox, until the ground was covered in snow. The green and white in a mix is truley beautiful and the gift was to great not to acknowledge the battle between these two fine ladies... ;OP)

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