Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Recently...I have been involved in a great deal of study. Books of all sorts have been pouring in from all over and I hasten to read and learn all I can.

On top of that, recent rituals have provided a clearing out of malicious forces in and around our lives. This has been rectified by re-enforcing protection spells in/on our home and the cleansing of our minds, bodies and souls of malicious forces that are either sent to cause chaos or simply sent to re-enforce the malilcious intent of others.  

There are many cleansing rituals for your home and body as well as meditation rituals to cleanse the minds eye. Some rituals include actually reaching out to the Deamons that are sent to place harm or ill will in your path, you can sometimes appease them and send them back to whence they came. When all else fails a complete irradication of the thing or person can be accomplished quite easily. This in some ways creates a problem for some in which they cannot confront the person or entity that causes so much havoc. Then, turning to a trained professional, is your next best bet. You can say, in a manner of speaking, its like cleaning house in the Spring...just gettting rid of the clutter.

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