Friday, February 19, 2010

Providing a Helping Hand

Periodically, a witch or a trusted person will be asked for advice or help in a issue that another cannot seem to conclude or dispell. If the person is a learned person and well trusted, then certainly you can help if you so desire to do so. On Monday night I was asked to do just that, let me fill you in.

Monday night was a quiet one and I was watching what ever I watch on TV and had just finished my evening meal. A knock came to the door and it was a fellow Wiccan that lives close to my home. He was rather in a harassed state and I asked him to enter with a "open mind and heart" and he did so.

He proceeded to tell me that his latest endeavor with his relationship had failed and he was being attacked by his own dieties and minions of his dieties. I asked him to explain further. He related to me that he had pressed his common law wife to open their relationship to polyamory and in doing so, she had chosen another man and he had sinced moved into the home. His request was for me to spell this person into leaving his home so he could go back to the relationship he had before with his wife. He said his dieites were attacking him and he had no clarity in the matter. I told him to still himself and that I would visit his home in the morning and make any suggestions I felt necessary to make.

I spent the next hours raising my own peronal shields and taking a cleansing bath as to not take anything into the environment with me that may cloud my judgement. I went over to his home and was recieved at the door well but what I found behind that door was a simple mess to say the least. The home was full of clutter and trash. Dishes had not been done in weeks and trash was more than spilling from every surface that would stand still. There was a small boy of 4 sitting on the floor in the living room, coloring himself with a green majic marker. I was also introduced to my friends "new girlfriend" whom he had in the interum, moved into the home as well. Again, my friend seemed to think some dark majic was at work and he hastened to ask me to provide a counter spell of the same calilbur to dispell it. After about a 30 minute visit to the home, I asked him to visit me again in a few hours at mine and I would provide counsel if he so desired. 

I went home and yet again took another cleansing bath to rid myself of anything I might had encountered or picked up. I then spent about 30 minutes in meditation reviewing everything in my mind that I had encountered during my visit and in previous conversations with him. My friend visited a bit later and this is what I had told him.

First and formost, I would NOT provide a spell or a charm to chase away what he had so willingly opened due to his own lustful needs or desires. Second, if his dieites were in fact mad or attacking him, then he did something to them or himself in the interum that displeased them greatly and alters should be erected to calm or appease said dieties. Third and formost, he must clean his home, not only with a bucket and a soapy sponge but with floor washes and cleansing inscences that would also rid him of negativity in his home. He also needed to encourage everyone in the home to take a cleansing bath and/or participate in a cleansing ritual. Fourth and formost, he must remain responsible for his actions and requests due to the fact he had not fully thought matters through in the first place. 

This angered him somewhat and he kept going back to what SHE did and said and would not focus on what HE did in the first place. I informed him that there are three points of light living in the home, the children, and that obsession or even possession was interfereing with them being productive and the brilliant light's that they are. He kept wanting to go back to HER problems and would not visit his or even admit he was wrong in doing things the way he did them. I kept stressing that to gain his dieties respect back and to open up the home would help him in regaining his clarity and give him the open mind he needed to have successful conversations and possibly come to a conclusion about his relationship and the future path it would take. I also informed him that the NEW MAN in his wifes life, was given openly to her and that it's by no fault of of the NEW MAN at being there and in this situation.

Ultimatley my friend left stating that he felt betrayed and was upset that he could not do something in a negative way to another. I told him he could but not with my assistance. This is one case I am greatful to my Gods for giving me the knowledge and the courage to recognize and see the true problem and providing a starting point to begin the correction process for my friend. Personally, this was a great milestone in our friendship and I was able to view a side of him that I wish I had never seen but was grateful I had. The ultimate consolation for myself however, is knowing I took the higher road and was able to provide valid advice to be used and practiced. 

So what would you had done? 

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