Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Judging Ones Actions

Here is a moral dispute over practice. While I am currently studying with my life partner of 18 years we have come to a stalemate in regards to practice.

I stepped out for a bit yesterday and a topic that had just been read about was in full practice when I returned. I was immediatley infuriated because the study of the ritual being preformed was not fully explored nor realized before the practice was taken up. In my fury the alter was destroyed and the ritual brought to a complete end and rather quickly. Was I wrong in doing so? My conscious dictated that I was not.

This has caused a huge debate between us and I cannot stress my point enough. When ones heart feels one is educated enough to conduct any ritual and said ritual, spell or charm has been reseached to the point of true understanding, then by all means I condone its use. If the person in question had not researched fully the end result or implications of a venture than I have the responsibility of correcting any action(s) taken to the best of my ability.

My judgement in the matter is simple. If you are a dedicated faction inside the realm of your chosen faith and feel within your consious and heart that you are able to conclude without malice the spell, charm or ritual you feel compelled to use then by all means, please do so. IF, out of malice you tend to cause harm in a way that will permanetley cause a great deal of harm not just to yourself and others but the world at large then I have to say with all the fiber of my being to cease and desist.

Knowing oneself is the key here. Knowing and accepting your limitations will always serve you well indeed. I do not deny that my life partner felt a need and I understand the motives in doing the ritual in question. I cannot stress enough that the education level was not fully there in regards to achieving its ultimate goal.

I would hope that others that follow the path will not hesitiate to learn as much as they can before attempting something that could have ramifications for many and not just the ones it is intended for.

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