Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In A Witches Kitchen

Merry Meet...

My name is Wrynn and I have been practicing Wicca/Witchcraft for over 24 years. While I have a knowledge of many herbs, flowers and trees and have studied many different paths of potion making, I have decided to practice here, on-line and share it with everyone else.

The course will follow many paths. Wicca, Native American Ethnobotany, Stregheria, Hoo-Doo, North American Mountain Medicine and Medicinal Folklore In America and maybe more. This will include, herbalism, storage and preperation of herbs and sharing the information of gathering or procuring herbs in America either from the wild or online or a local herbal shoppe. This line of discussion will also include spell preperation, ritual and mysteries.

All books and written text gathered to work from will be fully disclosed and if possible made available to everyone on-line.

My hopes in this course of action is to have a firm knowledge of preperation for remedies, cures and spellwork as well as ritual. I hope that others will enjoy this line of discussion and will gain knowledge as we go along.

Merry Part...for now... ;OP

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