Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Study Is The Key

To study is the key. Every witch should strive on a daily basis to learn or read something new. To try is not to fail. To try is to succeed in many things. Failures are and should be documented as to not review mistakes.

I have never found it more invigorating in my life than to study and understand many aspects of human life. Myself, I have studied over 19 known mainstream religions before I chose my current path. To know others and how they worship is an asset I am eager to add to.

I would had reviewed all my materials at hand and maybe even ask questions before I attempt a new potion, charm or ritual. Even though my shelves are becoming full of a collection of herbs, flowers, bones, stones, waters (in various states) and oils, I strive to add more in the hopes of using them and understanding them just by sight, smell and detail. Certain catagories of medicinal and non-medicinal herbs must be cataloged and placed apart from others because of the toxicity they produce or can cantaminate other herbs.

So you see how study could develop a very important factor in maintaining the potency of many if not all that is gathered and used.

Remember, nothing discribes a witch more than his or her INTENT. Make sure yours is well thought out and you are willing to accept any and all consequences to your actions if done incorrectly.

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