Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truley a Major Problem With Some Authors

Recently, I read Jason Millers book, "Protection: Reversal Magick A Witches Defense Manual". I had some questions and decided they were big enough to write the author at: inominandum@gmail.com Jason did respond but his attitude towards me and the question at hand was far from scholarly or teacher like. I was simply trying to bring to his attention that the information in his book was incorrect. Has it not always been a custom for a teacher to learn from their students? I know I do.

The question is with the "Protection Mirror", amulet, "charm" on page 101. The symbols come with no explaination of their meaning. For me, all symbols have meaning, therefore I was eager to learn. This was important because the "Protection Mirror" project came with a charge to the Goddess Heckate. I was eager to know what I would be taking to her feet. So I asked: "What are the symbols located on the diagram on page 101. Jasons response was: "The sigils on the mirror are old alchemical symbols for the planets. I forget exactly which text they are from." Forgot? Well, thats just great, that an author cannot remember what they wrote. Humm.

So I did extensive research and determined that in fact the symbols were Alchemical but not symbols that represented any planets. I e-mailed Jason again, but recieved no response.

Monday, I called the publishing house of "New Page Books" and spoke to the editor Gina Talucci. While she followed me page for page and agreed that there was no note for this diagram she concluded by saying: "...its regrettable but, there will be no notice given to anyone about the diagram on page 101 nor an explaination as to what it is or means, until all the books currently in stock are sold, and a new revised issue is published..." This is unforgiveable for a professional publisher to say and certainly I would fire mine if they ever did.

I sent another e-mail to Jason informing him, I spoke to his editor about this. Of course his response was post haste. His attitude worstened to the point of being insulting. He said:

"...You seem to treat this as some kind of an emergency. It is not. Furthermore there is no issue. The symbols are symbols of the metals and the planets. If you knew how to read alchemical texts you would know that the two are alchemicaly inseparable." (as if everyone who would read his book would instantly know this)
"I regret that you are upset to "the core of your being" at my not listing the unpublished manuscript that I got these from, but no - it is not my highest priority to ring up the British Museum and get the exact manuscript number. My book is meant to be used by people in need of protection, not as a fully annotated academic work. I am sorry to disappoint you..."
Hardly the responsible writer I imagined. Hardly the response from a teacher I would had expected. I did re-read the introduction of Jason Millers book and found no indication that one had to be a learned or scholarly Witch to have been able to read all in his book. Further, I found it very irresponsible to write a spell, and one written with a charge to a Goddess, and not explain every aspect of the spell, including the symbols, in a footnote or chart. When I took to task to speak to others about this, my path was made clear. To expose someone who is flippant and a bit non-caring about his work, and non-caring about those that will practice from it.
I will no longer buy his books nor books from the publishing house of "New Page Books". When I speak to people (and I do quite often) I will refer to this as a irresponsible and un-researched work. I supopse anyone in America can publish a book for the fee of $5000.00 with just about any publishing house they choose. Sad, that the only reason would be to attain wealth and not to educate the public in a responsible way. Very poor job Jason, very poor.

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